The dress 6 for dolls Heartstrings, Paola Reina mini, Kruselings8


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Embroidery dress  for dolls Heartstrings, Paola Reina mini, Kruselings”POPPY3″ 8 inch


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This embroidered dress “POPPY 3” is suitable  for dolls Heartstrings, Paola Reina mini, Kruselings 8 inch. (The dress for girls is intended for 8 -inch dolls).

The dress is made of natural green linen. Deсorated with machine embroidery all over the hem.The dress has a lining from white fabric, Fastens on the back with plastic buttons.

Please, just ask any questions.

  I sew these dresses with love, they hope will bring you joy. Send around the world.

  The goods will be sent within 1-3 days after payment. All carefully Packed. You will receive a tracking number to track parcels.

All possible customs fees and fees upon arrival in the country of destination are paid by the buyer.

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Note!!! Doll, shoes are not for sale!!! Only dress for the doll are on sale!!!

Thanks for visiting come again!

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Peso 80 kg
Dimensões (C x L x A) 353 × 25 × 6 cm

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