Reserved for Ch. Vamp black cat by Rainbow Art Creatures.


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Vamp black cat. RESERVED for Ch.

Original handmade artwork by Rainbow Art Creatures by Martina.
Edition: One of a kind.



The size: The cat measures : 33 cm/12.9 inches without the tail.

Materials: the cat is made of the high quality faux fur (very nice and silky to touch).

The nose and the paw pads are sculptured (by me) of special polymer clay that doesn’t break and doesn’t crack. The cat is filled with hollofayber, has the armature (skeleton) in his legs, body, neck and head. The cat is very flexible and poseable, he is able to take different positions, but he stands firmly. The ears are wired (can be bent). The tail has a skeleton inside, too.

Shipping: Shipping is included in this price. The cat will be shipped by Express mail service. The tracking info will be provided.

Delivery takes about one month.

the cat will be packed in a large cardboard box with extra packing inside for the safe trip to a new home.
IMPORTANT information: when you make an order please indicate your phone number or email address. I’s necessary for courier service in your country.


Please get in touch with me if you have any questions about items or terms of sale. I respond quickly to all messages and orders, but, please, take into consideration the difference of time between Russia and your country.

Thank you:)



出荷大陸: アジア, ヨーロッパ, 北アメリカ

出荷国: インドネシア, アルメニア, サウジアラビア, モルディブ, キプロス, ベトナム, イスラエル, 北朝鮮, 台湾, シンガポール, 中国, 香港, 韓国, スリランカ, タイ, アゼルバイジャン, イギリス領インド洋地域, ジョージア, トルコ, イギリス (UK), ベラルーシ, モナコ, アイルランド, スペイン, クロアチア, ポルトガル, ベルギー, マルタ, ドイツ, ギリシャ, フランス, ブルガリア, イタリア, オランダ, オーストリア, スロベニア, スイス, ラトビア, エストニア, チェコ共和国, ハンガリー, ノルウェー, アメリカ合衆国 (US), プエルトリコ, カナダ, キューバ, 日本

発送の準備ができました 1〜3営業日 から ロシア



I ship Worldwide by The Russian post service (EMS) the delivery usually takes 1-1.5 month. The tracking information will be provided.



No returns are accepted.

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