Set of clothes for Ob11 Obitsu11 dolls (4 things)




Set of clothes for Obitsu11: overalls, hat, bodysuit, socks




Clothes set for Obitsu11 (body DDF, YMY)

!!! Different body will have different fit of the jumpsuit


The kit includes 4 items:

– overalls

– hat

– bodysuit

– socks

 Shoes are not included!

Jumpsuit and hat knitted from cotton yarn

 The jumpsuit has a button closure

Jersey bodysuit. The bodysuit fastens with Velcro.

See photos for details of the set


This extremely micro goose is hand-crocheted from cotton yarn.

The toy is about 2.5 cm tall = 1 inch.

You can move its wings and paws.

Miniature figurine has black glass eyes.

Filling: hollow fibeber.




– All items are hand made in a pet free, smoke free home.

– It isn’t a toy, please don’t let small children play with the wire hangers.

– Actual colors may vary a little bit from those shown due to the individual monitor colors settings.

– Please do not wash my toys. You can use only dry cleaning.


Use the link to view all  clothes for OBITSU11 in my shop –


 If you have any other questions please contact us.

  Thank you for your attention and wish you happy shopping!

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Please keep in mind that delivery during the Christmas period always takes much longer!!!!!! It's not up to me.
Please do not forget to place an order in advance so that it gets to you before Christmas.

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