Reborn Doll Realborn Phineas Asleep


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On sale is an incredibly cute and realistic sleeping doll reborn Phineas Asleep.


The baby is revived based on the mold realborn Phineas Asleep from Bauntifulbaby. This baby is a complete charm, can become a decoration of any interior. It is extremely realistic.

The length of the child, taking into account the bent legs, is 47 cm. If the legs were straight, then our height would be 49 cm; weight 2300 gr.

Baked genesis paints and fixing mediums are used in the work. Hair and cilia — mohair based on goat hair. Filler and weighting glass granulate and holofiber. The head and limbs of the pupa are vinyl, the body is rag (flesh-colored velour).

In the hands of the doll feels like a real living child.

The doll is interior, not intended for the games of young children, as it is quite heavy, made of expensive materials, and a lot of creative work is invested in it, which makes it a work of art.

The doll has a mold certificate, a birth certificate and recommendations for the care of the reborn doll, which she will bring with her. I send the EMS of the Russian post after full payment of the doll and postal services.

出荷大陸: アフリカ, アジア, 北アメリカ, 南アメリカ, ヨーロッパ, 南極, オセアニア

発送の準備ができました 1〜3営業日



I am sending DHL express


重さ 5 kg
サイズ 50 × 30 × 20 cm

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