Ptichka Doll dress – vintage blue dress

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Vintage long dress for Ptichka art doll, Barbie and dolls of the same size.

I am very glad to see you in my store! How wonderful that you are interested in doll handmade clothing.

Handmade always gives a special charm and uniqueness to each item.

Ptichka clothes created by hand are original and unique.

My doll outfits are all about quality and attention to detail. I use only natural materials in my work; I dye fabrics and laces by hand – this also adds uniqueness to the outfits.

Doll clothes will make your doll special and unique, adding personality and style to her.


Vintage long dress for Ptichka art doll, Barbie and dolls of the same size. Look at the last photo for the sizes of the dolls..

The vintage blue dress is a unique and stylish dress with  that has been handmade. This dress has exquisite details and quality materials that give it a special charm and originality.

Handmade doll outfits are a popular wardrobe staple as they combine classic style with a unique sense of the past. They can be used to create a stylish look or to complement a collection of vintage items.

This Ptichka dress will look great on the doll and add charm to it. If you are looking for a special dress for your doll or would like to complete your collection, a handmade vintage Ptichka dress is a great choice.

This wonderful doll outfit is made with love and inspiration! For sale only dress!!

Please note that my Blythe clothes are handmade, they are not as perfect as in the factories.

My doll clothes for collectors, they are not toys, so they are not allowed for children under the age of 7

If you have any questions about the order and shipping, please feel free to ask me!

Stay safe!

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