Pattern Crochet Indian Doll, Pattern Little India

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Indian Doll pattern will show you how to make a beautiful, little doll wearing a traditional costume. This doll has long beautiful hair that can be braided as you like.

– a .pdf file with detailed instructions in English
– 16 pages long and has 58 photos to help you by working
– after the payment you will see the download link in the details of your order.



1. Yarn Iris (282m/ 50g) or Yarnart Violet, Anna16, etc.
Color: light brown, yellow, red, black.
2. Hook 1 mm.
3. Stuffing (Hollow fiber)
4. Wire 1 mm (about 19″ (50sm))
5. Adhesive plaster (wrap the edges of the wire)
6. Black threads (for eyebrows), durable thread for sewing hair.
7. Thin golden threads
8. Red ribbon
9. A needle
10. Red pastel (for tinting cheeks) and a brush for blending
11. Beads gold and red
12. Scissors
13. Plastic eyes 3mm

Size: 13 cm (5,1″)

You are most welcome to contact me by mail [email protected] if you have any questions about the pattern

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