Pattern crochet doll Xmas outfit, 12 inch, Eng

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Pattern crochet doll amigurumi.
This is a digital PDF amigurumi pattern, not the finished product!

Design by Marytoysandpattern.



The doll size is 12.2 inches (31 cm) (hook 2 mm, yarn Jeans)

The gingerbread size is 3.54 inches (9 cm)


For doll:

– Yarn Art Jeans (50 gr, 160 m):

for body № 05 (light beige)

any yarn for sandals, for example, №51 (cherry)

any yarn for socks, for example – №49 (light gray), 01 (white)

for lower torso – any yarn for example, №49 (light gray)

for eye embroidery – white jeans yarn + any thin black thread

for hats and blouse №51(cherry)

-for dress №28 (morengo), for ruffle dresses №49 (light gray)

any thin light gray thread for embroidering snowflakes on a dress

-hook 2 mm

-2 stocking needles 2mm

– doll hair (hair wefts -1-1.5 m, hair length 20 cm, I buy on AliExpress)

– sewing needle

clip image002– sewing thread for hair color

– stuffing, polyester fiberfill

clip image004– black safe eyes 10 mm

wire for hands 10.24-11.8 inches (26-30 cm) + electrical tape

clip image006– optional: glass granulate 3 mm + cotton fabric 4.33 inch * 3.15 inch (11 cm * ​​8 cm) + sewing thread

elastic thread for a hat

metal bell color 01, 15 mm, 1 piece for the hat

– plastic clothes clips 12 mm (2 pieces) with pliers’ tool + 300set-T5, or sew-on buttons (I buy on AliExpress)

cardboard for shoes

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4.80€€12.00€€ (-60%)