Natural wig for Meadow Twinkles

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Natural wig for Meadow Twinkles
The wig is made according to our technology!
Wig base: solid cap made of non-woven fabric of Italian origin. Thanks to this, you can 1) put on the wig immediately upon receipt (no need to wear a silicone cap, no need to glue the wig) 2) the wig is held tightly (because it is made in accordance with all sizes and proportions).
We use only natural angora goat hair!
All skins are premium quality!
All wigs have natural curls!!!
Thanks to a special manufacturing technology, you can: wash, comb, twist, straighten! And also do any hairstyle and are not afraid to ruin the wig!!!


Pay attention to the circumference of the head, this head wig with horns, the circumference of the head is 13.2 cm. I fit Navi

出荷大陸: アフリカ, 南極, アジア, ヨーロッパ, 北アメリカ, オセアニア, 南アメリカ

発送の準備ができました 1〜3営業日 から ロシア



The delivery time depends on your place of residence. From about 1-3 weeks.



The return of the goods is discussed individually with each buyer.

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The return of the goods is discussed individually with each buyer.


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