Miniature toy rabbit in a beanie shorts

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Little crochet bunny animal. Perfect stuffed kawaii plush toy doll for your baby. Knitted toy made by hand. Bunny is a great gift baby! Cute bunny, nice to the touch. Him convenient to take with you. Children will love him with all their hearts and make you smile!



The toy is functional, paws move .  He can sit.

Materials: cotton.
Care: toy – dry cleaning, clothes – hand wash.
The size is about 10 cm.
Eyes firmly glued( this means that the bunny is suitable for children aged 6 years and more)
Little bunny is stuffed by polyester fiberfill.

All my toys are handmade with a lot of love and care and make a perfect and unique gift for a baby, birthday or a special occasion.

If you have any questions, please ask.

出荷大陸: アフリカ, 南極, アジア, ヨーロッパ, 北アメリカ, オセアニア, 南アメリカ

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Delivery is carried out from Russia. The goods are shipped after payment within 1-3 business days. After sending, you will receive a tracking number for tracking the parcel. For reasons beyond my control, a parcel from Russia can take up to 8 weeks.
Polymer clay dolls are packed in a box, crochet toys and doll clothes in bags. The packaging is reliable so that there is no damage during delivery.



If the goods are not delivered of proper quality, the seller returns the full value of the goods upon providing evidence of poor quality of the goods (video or photos).


重さ 10 kg

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