Miniature pickled cucumber for doll scale of 1:12 polymer clay


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Miniature pickled cucumbers in a barrel scale 1:12 for decorating dollhouse


Miniature pickled cucumbers in a barrel for dollhouse. Miniature pickled cucumbers handmade from polymer clay. Realistic vegetables scale 1:12. Miniature pickled cucumbers can be used in the kitchen for dolls, for games in the grocery store for dolls, food for dolls, collections, diorama decorations.

Size barrels :  height –  1.38 inch (3.5 cm)
diameter – 1.46 inch (3.7 cm)

For my products, I use high-quality clay from the best manufacturers, which is non-toxic, and also safe for children.
The color of the product may not differ significantly from the original due to the quality and settings of your monitor or mobile phone screen.
The miniature is intended for collecting.

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