Miniature dress 1:12 scale. Dollhouse decor.


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A beautiful dress on a hanger. Created on a scale of 1:12.


This dress will be a real dollhouse decoration! The skirt of the dress at the bottom is decorated with a barely noticeable printed pattern, on top of which is painted with acrylic paints and a microbeads. This gives an interesting textural effect. The bodice is decorated similarly to the bottom of the dress. There are small fabric assemblies on the waist that catch the eye.

The dress is glued to the hanger and is not put on the doll. Created for adult collectors, it is not a children’s toy. It will become a wonderful decoration for a doll’s wardrobe, a miniature room, a photo album or a workplace.

出荷大陸: ヨーロッパ

出荷国: イギリス (UK), アメリカ合衆国 (US)

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Our store does not return the goods.  Please read the description and photo carefully before buying.


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