Lilac dragon figurine Fantasy artwork Forest dragon

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Lilac dragon figurine about 16 cm tall


Hello! I’m fantasy creature sculptor. My name is Marina Ustinova. You see this collectible handmade lilac dragon figurine in my online shop FelisFantasy on marketplace DailyDoll shop.

This beautiful original figure of dragon made from very lightweight material – velvet clay.  It’s self hardening sculpting mass. This material like rubber, and it allows me to create very delicate details. My creatures are not fragile, but they request of special care. Your dragon is painted by acrylic paints, and he covered by varnish.  I gave to this dragon the reticulate wings with leaves.  I conceived this dragon as a forest creature. This exclusive beautiful dragon will definitely decorate your dollhouse or home interior. The dragon is excellent unusual gift for your friends or family.

I’ll send this dragon by reliable delivery company. The cost of item was noted with shipping cost. The shipping time can be about 3-6 weeks. I advise you to order earlier if this dragon is needed as a gift for the holiday. Your dragon will be securely packaged in transparent box and soft plastic wrap and a strong box.

Dimensions of dragon about:

Height – 16 cm

Length – 11 cm

Width – 14 cm

Care instructions:

I recommend avoiding exposure to water. I covered your dragon by quality paints and varnish, but it is desirable to protect it from exposure to water and cold.

Please, clean with a dry soft brush when dusting.

Attention! Not intended for active children’s games. There’s wire and small details inside! Its may be dangerous!

You can see more dragons in my FelisFantasy shop:

I can make to order the dragons or other fantasy creatures especially for you using your pictures or descriptions. The cost of individual orders can be change in relation to complexity and size of artwork.

Thanks for attention to my shop!

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Standard delivery was carried out from 2 weeks to 3 months! Please! Let me know before buying if you need fast shipping by DHL. I will add the cost of fast shipping to the price of the item.
I am in a difficult geo-economic situation, so delivery times may be increased.
Thanks for understanding!



I only accept returns for items damaged in transit. In this case, I will ask you to provide a photo or video of the unpacking of the item.

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I  accept returns if the item damaged in transit only. Please provide evidence in the form of a photo or video of the unpacking of the item.


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157.00 €€~ 168.06 $