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Handmade doll girl  Forest Nymph is made with love in a single copy of baked clay. What should I give for a holiday to adults or for my children’s birthday? How to choose a gift and what is better to give?  In my childhood, the most desired gift was a doll!       But at that time, to my chagrin, there were no handmade dolls.   Today handmade dolls are a welcome gift, it is an exclusive expensive gift – it is nostalgia for childhood, it is an interior decoration, positive emotions, joy and happiness in the house. Handmade doll Happiness is the only doll in the whole world, there will be no other repetition, and for a collector to have such a doll in his collection is a great success. Doll on a wire frame on a stand.  You can change the pose.  The head rotates on a hinge, the arms up to the elbow and the legs up to the knee are made of baked clay, bend at the elbow and knee joints.  The clothes are sewn by hand.  The dress is embroidered with beads.  The face and eyes are painted with Genesis oil paints.  Hair – Agnor goat down, shoes – genuine leather.  The doll is made for you with love, and I will be glad if she finds her home where she will be loved, and she will bring happiness to your home.  Go to the RozaGriArt store and buy gifts for your friends. Prices are available! Delivery is free of charge.

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重さ0.700 kg
サイズ45 × 15 × 16 cm

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