Gray miniature crochet teddy bear in a hoodie

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Gray miniature crochet teddy bear in a hoodie is crocheted and tinted with professional paints. The head turns in different directions, the legs are movable. Able to sit and stand.

Dressed in crochet blue and yellow pajamas (coat) with a hood. Clothes are removed.


Gray miniature crochet teddy bear in a hoodie – standing about 3.54 inches (9 cm) 
Dear friends!
I’m happy to introduce you to my new realistic animal toy – unique teddy bear in coat. 
The bear in a hoodie is crocheted, completely made by me. Crochet teddy bear – 100% OOAK!
Materials: yarn, sewing thread, glass beads for eyes, professional paints, sintepuh for stuffing, decorative wire for reinforcing the hind legs.
Each piece of the miniature teddy bear was crocheted separately, and then sewn with a strong thread. The ‘ fur’ was brushed to fluffy and trimmed with scissors. The bear is soft. It is a 5-way thread of articulation. This means that the head and limbs are mobile, and the toy turns its head and takes different poses. 
The blue bear plush is stuffed with sintepuh and carefully shaded with professional paints. The hind legs are reinforced with decorative wire, so they bend well. The crochet stuffed bear can sit, can stand with support.

As an accessory, I crocheted a bright orange-blue jacket for him and hung a heart pendant around his neck.

The crochet interior toy will arrive at its new home in a small, beautiful box, with a passport signed by me.

*All my bears and friends come from a non-smoking home.
**Please note that the bear is made for display only and is not intended for children’s games.

出荷大陸: アフリカ, 南極, アジア, ヨーロッパ, 北アメリカ, オセアニア, 南アメリカ

出荷国: オーストリア, オーランド諸島, アルバニア, アンドラ, ベルギー, ブルガリア, ボスニア・ヘルツェゴビナ, バチカン, イギリス (UK), ドイツ, カナダ, アメリカ合衆国 (US), オーストラリア, 合衆国領有小離島, イスラエル, 日本, マレーシア

発送の準備ができました 1〜3営業日



About the shipment.

♥ I am sending it within 3 business days after 100% payment by the Ukraine Post providing a tracking number for the package.
♥ For my bears, I always choose fast mail delivery.
♥ The price of toys and delivery does not include possible taxes and fees of your country.
♥ Delivery time depends on the distance of your region.
♥ Unfortunately, for certain reasons (from July 1, this country introduces a tax on packaging), I can no longer send parcels to Germany.
♥ Parcels to the USA and the rest of Europe are delivered as usual, but due to logistical difficulties associated with the war in my country, delivery times may change. Please consider this.

Dear future owners of my bears, please do not worry and do not be upset if the package is delayed. I really want my bears to get to you as soon as possible, they will be in a hurry, but there are circumstances that we cannot influence.
Usually the post of Ukraine did not let me down, I hope this will continue.
In addition, during the war, I already had sales in:
- United States - parcels arrived in 18 days;
- Australia - 20 days;
- to Malaysia - in 45 days.
All buyers eventually received their little animals and were satisfied.



I try to take photos of bears from different angles so that you have a better idea of my work. I am confident in the quality of my work. Please make sure that you understand all the nuances of the purchase before making a payment.
I will answer all your questions about the bear. I do not make a refund or exchange.

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