FOX CROCHET PATTERN、あみぐるみpdfチュートリアル

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FOX CROCHET PATTERN in English, pdf (@Cozypuppet)


This crochet pattern will help you create an adorable fox that will become your closest friend or your children. The toy is soft, safe, frameless. Legs are on a thread mount. The toy stands with support, sits independently. The instructions are detailed and easy to follow if you know the basic stitches and techniques used to make amigurumi.

When crocheting with the recommended yarn, the height of the toy is about 30 cm (12 inches). You can use any yarn. This will affect the toy’s size and possibly proportions. I try to give description so that you understand why you are making increases and decreases in this particular place, you can calculate their location in the rounds yourself. But if you want to get the same result, then I advise you to use the recommended yarn or as close as possible to it in terms of parameters.

The pattern includes:

– a detailed step-by-step description of creating a toy;

– more than 120 photos of the process;

Does NOT contain crochet lessons!

The pattern in English.


PLEASE NOTE: this purchase is only for a digital crochet, not the finished toy you see on the photos!


If you have any questions, you can always contact me. I will do my best to help you.

Thank you for purchasing and happy crocheting!


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FOX CROCHET PATTERN、あみぐるみpdfチュートリアル

7.00 €€~ $7.58