Crochet Pattern Keychain Mouse

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Easy Crochet Pattern Mouse



This pattern is easy to follow but requires basic crochet knowledge.
Crochet applique pattern.
Skills required:
– MR — Magic Ring
– SC – Single Crochet
– CH – Chain Stitch
– Number – Amount of single crochets (SC)
– SL ST – Slipped Stitch
– D-Loop – Displaced Loop
– INC – Increase (crochet two stitches out of one stitch of previous row)
– 3 in 1 – Crochet three stitches out of one stitch of previous row
– DEC – Decrease (crochet two stitches together through the front loop)
– x – repeat

1. Yarn of grey, pink colors (mine: Alize Cotton Gold or Vita Cotton (the mouse will be smaller)
2. Filler (hollow fiber)
3. Hook suitable to yarn (my hook is 1.5mm)
4. Scissors
5. Needle with big ear, long and short
6. 6mm beads for nose and 3.4mm beads for eyes
7. Black thread (moulin thread or any other cotton thread) to sew on the eyes
8. A bit of white yarn to make the whites of the eyes (it is as per your own desire)

This file includes detailed instructions of step by step with pictures.
The pattern is a PDF file. After payment independently download the file.
You will see the download link in details of your order. When loading PDF, returns are not possible.

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