Crochet Christmas tree toys New PDF pattern 3 in 1


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Crochet patterns for 3 Christmas tree toys in PDF format by NikaDolltoy.
With this crochet pattern, you will create the cute crochet handmade toys yourself.


This listing contains the СROCHET PATTERN for Crochet Christmas tree toys and not the finished products. 


With the help of this crochet pattern you are able to create wonderful and unique handmade toys: Crochet Christmas tree toys.

Crochet pattern is available in ENGLISH only.  

The pattern contains 11 pages and about 40 photos with a description of a crocheting Christmas tree, a little bunny and a snowman.  


This description does not include any crocheting lessons and is designed for those who have crochet.  


Level: medium, but you must know main stitches: single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet, increase, decrease. 

The choice of other materials and tools will only affect the size of the finished toys. When using these materials, the height of the toys are about 12-13 cm.


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