Christmas snowman crochet pattern


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Crochet pattern of a Snowman in a hat and a scarf



Crochet pattern of a Snowman in a hat and a scarf. The main part of the toy is crocheted from plush yarn in one piece.

The hat is crocheted from cotton and textured yarn.

The scarf is crocheted from textured yarn. The mittens are crocheted of cotton yarn and decorated with shiny textured yarn.

The cap and mittens are sewn on.

The scarf is removable.

There is a decorative wooden button – a heart.

This pattern doesn`t contain crochet lessons. Skills level- intermediate. If you use the specified materials, then the toy will be 15 cm (27cm with hat).


ch – chain stitch;

MR- magic ring;

sc – single crochet;

sl st  – slip stitch;

dc – double crochet;


inc – increase 2sc in 1sc;

invdec – invisible decrease.  

Crocheting in a spiral way, without sl st thought both sides of the loop, if this not specified.   


– Alize Cotton Gold №83  (orange), №60 (black)

Himalaya Dolphin Baby № 301 (white)

Jarn Art Jeans №90 (red)

– Jarn Art Christmas №02 (white), №48 (green)

– Alize Softy №50 (white)

–  sew-on eyes d-13-14 mm

– decorative button

– thread for sewing eyes

– needle for stitching parts



I crochet hook 5.0 (plush),2.75 (cotton), 3.25 (textured yarn), you choose the crochet hook you are used to. The size of the finished toy depends on the selected hook and crocheting density.

The snowman stands confidently on its own.

The pattern contains 10 pages of description and a photo of the process.

With this pattern you can crochet yourself perfect gift for Christmas and New Year.

The snowman will be a great addition to the festive decor of your home.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them and help you.




Christmas, Christmas and New Year

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