Birthday gift handmade doll. Cute textile dolls

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Gift handmade doll. Textile doll for interior. The author’s work is in a single copy.

The doll’s height is 27 cm (10.63 inches).


Gift handmade doll. Textile doll for interior. The author’s work is in a single copy.

The doll’s height is 27 cm (10.63 inches).

Cute interior doll is the pleasure of a gift, perfect for any holiday: birthday, anniversary, family holiday, wedding, wedding anniversary, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day. The gift will surprise you 100%! Everyone present at the celebration will remember.

A handmade fabric doll will charm the giver and the owner of the miniature.

The doll sits and stands on its own. The head, arms and legs are moving. The body of the textile doll is filled with holofiber.

Hi! I’m a cute, charming, little girl.

How happy I am that I will be presented for a holiday for friends, girlfriends, relatives and friends from the heart for memory! I will present delight, emotions, smiles and attention.

My hair is so snow-white, like soft light fluff. From just one touch you will feel warmth and tenderness. They can be combed with a comb with a rare comb, but only too carefully, do not pull the hair, but be sure to hold it with your hand. Oh, how I love changing hairstyles!

I also love hugs and your smiles. I’m a girl. I will give you my radiant smile that will reward you with joy and happiness.

Have you seen the dress? Such a light, airy thing that will turn the head of lovers of this beauty! 100% cotton.

Both the dress and shoes are removable.

Oh, yes, I completely forgot. And the packaging will be the one in which you can immediately give. Recommendations for care are attached.

Delivery is free.

For any holiday as a gift! I will be very happy to decorate the interior or a cozy corner in the new hostess’s room.

Please note, the fabric doll is not intended for children’s games of young children, it is suitable for children aged 6-7 years, when the child already consciously understands how to handle such a doll. This is a handmade interior doll for home decoration, room interior decor. Careful attitude will keep the miniature for a long time.

出荷大陸: アジア, ヨーロッパ, 北アメリカ, 南アメリカ

出荷国: オーストリア, アルバニア, スイス, カナダ, メキシコ, アメリカ合衆国 (US), オーストラリア, モルディブ, 韓国, ベトナム, エジプト

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The finished work is sent from Belarus by Belpost within 1-3 working days. A parcel tracking track is provided to track the parcel.
The delivery time depends on your location, customs clearance.
All import duties and taxes are paid by the buyer.



The return of the finished product is not provided.


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