Art doll collectible Sisters of mercy


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Unique award-winning design.
I have created a work dedicated to the history of the first disposable Kotex pads. It work is winner in the international competition “History of fashion” 2021 in the category – dolls. Idea of period pride and the amazing story of Kotex inspired me to create this work.
Date of create 2021
Size: 32 cm
Material: polymer clay. Hand-dyed fabrics. Static dolls on a beech stand.


During World War I, sisters of mercy found that the new absorbent surgical bandages for the wounded developed by Kimberly-Clark also served well as sanitary pads. Soon after, the company introduced Kotex – the first readily available, disposable feminine hygiene product. The sisters of mercy of the heroines of their time are brave and selfless. The sisters hold cotton and a letter (paper) in their hands, the objects symbolize the innovative material cellucathon, which was used for the pads. The red gerbera flower is a symbol of women’s health.


重さ2 kg
サイズ40 × 30 × 20 cm

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