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  • With this Mini Pig Toy CROCHET PATTERN you will be able to make a miniature amigurumi piggy toy.

You can see my piggy toy in action here:



This crochet pattern is in English (US terms) and contains detailed instructions and auxiliary photo- and video instructions of the stuffed mini piglet toy creation.

You have to master basic crochet skills (single crochet, chain stitches, slip stitch, increase / decrease, etc.).


You will need:

o yarn: for the piggy – any velour/chenille yarn (I used Himalaya Dolphin Fine, 175 m / 100 g); for the scarf – semi cotton yarn (I used Yarnart Jeans, 50 g/250 m);

o 2 mm (for the piggy) and 3 mm (for the scarf) crochet hooks and smaller size hooks for finishing pieces and weaving ends;

o stuffing material (polyester);

o 3 mm half beads for eyes;

o embroidery floss for the snout decoration;

o buttons – 2 pcs;

o scissors, marker(s) and other auxiliary tools and materials.


Finished size: If you crochet your toy with tools & materials recommended in this pattern your finished item will be about 2,5″ (9 cm).


Please be respectful and do not sell or distribute this pattern in any way, especially as your own. However, you are free to give, sell or otherwise dispose toys made with this pattern. You are also free to publish the photos of toys made using this pattern on your social media or in print media, provided you credit me as the designer: “made with the pattern by Maria Drozd @by_drozds_pattern”



Because patterns are digital products and are protected as intellectual property, they are not subject to return or exchange


Copyright © Maria Drozd, @by_drozds_pattern

All rights reserved


You are free to contact me should you have any questions on Instagram – @by_drozds_pattern


Enjoy your shopping!


Sincerely yours,



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