Dress for Nines d’Onil Mia Doll “DIVINE ANGEL” doll 30 centimeters

25.00 ~ 26.86 $

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Dress for Nines d’Onil Mia Doll “DIVINE ANGEL” 

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Clothes suitable for Nines d’Onil Mia Doll “DIVINE ANGEL”

The dress made of high-quality cotton fabric with elements of a machine embroidery. The dress is lined with white fabric and fastens with micro Velcro on the back.

Please, just ask any questions.

I sew these dresses with love, they hope will bring you joy.

The doll, accessories and footwear are not included in sale. Only the dress is on sale.

Dresses are made by me in my house in Russia.

The parcel will be sent with a tracking number. You will be able to see her move.

Important: Shipping to some countries may take 10-60 days. Thanks for understanding and your patience!

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Pronto per la spedizione 1-3 giorni lavorativi da Russia


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A refund is possible if your purchase has not arrived to you within 90 days.

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Peso 80 kg
Dimensioni 353 × 25 × 6 cm

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Dress for Nines d'Onil Mia Doll "DIVINE ANGEL" doll 30 centimeters

25.00 ~ 26.86 $

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