Set of clothes for Ob11 Obitsu11 dolls (4 things)


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Outfit with skirt for Ob11 Obitsu11 dolls. The kit includes 4 items: corduroy skirt, T-shirt, panties and socks

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Clothes set for Obitsu11 (and STODOLL, DDF, YMY)

!!! Color may vary depending on screen settings


The kit includes:

– corduroy skirt,

– T-shirt,

– panties

– socks


Shoes are not included!


The skirt is made of pink-lilac velveteen. Button snap closure

The cropped T-shirt fastens with Velcro.

See photos for details of the set



● Colors may differ slightly from the colors displayed on the monitor.

● Manufactured in an environment free of tobacco smoke and animals.


Use the link to view all  clothes for OBITSU11 in my shop –


 If you have any other questions please contact us.

  Thank you for your attention and wish you happy shopping!

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