Doll clothes for Twinkles,IrrealDoll,Lati Yellow,Dress Pukifee


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Doll clothes “Poppies 2” for Twinkles Meadow Doll / IrrealDoll, Lati Yellow, Dress Pukifee. (For Doll Size: 6  in, 6 1/2 in)

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Doll clothes “Poppies 2” for Twinkles Meadow Doll / IrrealDoll, Lati Yellow, Dress Pukifee. (For Doll Size: 6  in, 6 1/2 in)

The dress is made of white satin with barely visible contour flowers. The dress is decorated with machine embroidery. Fastens with plastic buttons on the leg along the back. Has a white satin lining.To be handled carefully.

Please, just ask any questions.

 I sew these dresses with love, they hope will bring you joy. Send around the world. All carefully Packed. You will receive a tracking number to track parcels.

Photos may not show accurate colors because of differences in settings on different monitors.

The doll and footwear are not included in sale.

Thanks for visiting, come again!

Doll clothes for Twinkles,IrrealDoll,Lati Yellow,Dress Pukifee

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Peso80 kg
Dimensiones353 × 25 × 6 cm

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