Charming reborn silicone doll Renata 17 inches


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Charming reborn silicone doll Renata 17 inches. Tiger cub girl 44cm.

Fully silicone anatomical baby 17 inch, 44 cm tall and weighing 2200 grams.

Free shipping. Doll made by Anrydiroc.

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Charming reborn silicone doll Renata 17 inches. Tiger cub girl 44cm.

A great gift for a child or for a collector.

This doll has an experimental spine that fixes the neck in different positions, and a drinking-urination system.

You can bathe the doll daily. Do not rub the colored stripes on the body with a brush.


1) 15 pieces of clothing

2) brush, bottle, nipple, diapers 2 pcs, passport

Silicone: Ecoflex 00-20 soft

Bathe in warm soapy water, treat with baby powder.

Avoid sharp cutting objects.

Additional clothing for this doll can be purchased from the Knitted Travel store.

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Peso2.2 kg
Dimensiones44 cm

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