Bienvenido a la tienda de DailyDoll

We were born from the world of art and, more specifically, from the field of author dolls.

Our goal is to promote the creation of dolls and also everything related to art and crafts. For such goals to be worthwhile, they must be achieved through honesty and responsibility: this is behind each and every one of our actions and purposes.
We can mention, among others, the following realities:

The Muñecart exhibitions, of which we have already held eight, four face-to-face and four online. 

The Dailydoll News magazine, 
Tienda de muñecas diarias, our market place for dolls and toys. 

Crealandia: craft market place.

Contest of author dolls, Gaudir, already consolidated with three editions behind it. 

Unidia Association for creators of dolls (put link and photos)

We also think that all our activity must have social repercussions, that art, in short, must contribute to making the world a better place. For this reason, most of our funds are reinvested in ongoing projects, in order to improve their implementation, to help, specifically, those people with whom we are in contact and who need our support, and to generate new projects with positive repercussions for people, among others the creation of a foundation to support creators who, due to their age, must already retire.
You can count on us, and, of course, we want to count on all of you.
Let’s help art become a great, and necessary, planetary embrace.
Health and peace.

Irina and Ilona


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I MunecArt exhibition
June 15 - August 25 Alicante, Benidorm, Orihuela
каталог рукодельниц2
First launch of Crealandia marketplace
II MunecArt exhibition
June 4-7 Alicante
III MunecArt exhibition
June 6-8 Alicante
IV MunecArt exhibition
June 7-8 Alicante
I Gaudir
International competition of the author's doll
V MunecArt exhibition
September 4-30 Alicante
II Gaudir
International competition of the author's doll
VI MunecArt exhibition
March 12 - April 12, 2021 Madrid
III Gaudir
International competition of the author's doll
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VII MunecArt exhibition
October, 2021 Madrid
Tienda de muñecas diarias
March, 2022
Second launch of the marketplace April, 2022
VIII MunecArt exhibition
March, 2022 Madrid
IV Gaudir
International competition of the author's doll

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