To protect you and contribute to the overall security of the marketplace, we check your details. Every seller can become a Trusted Seller by fulfilling the following conditions:

  1. Provide your details and be verified.
  2. at least 10 completed sales.

What does ‘completed sale’ mean?

– These are sales which have been completed in the system, i.e. your orders have been shipped and delivered to your customers.


To be verified, you must choose to register as an individual or as a company. If your company is a registered business entity within your local jurisdiction (which varies from country to country and state to state) and has its registration documents, you should register as a company. Otherwise, you should register as an individual or sole trader.

How do I verify my details as an individual or self-employed person?

To become a verified vendor as an individual or sole proprietor, you will need to provide the following information so that we can verify your identity:

– First and Last Name
– Date of Birth
– Home Address
– Phone
– Social Media

In some places a full or partial individual tax number for self-employed persons.

Please note that all information you provide when registering for future payments is also checked. So please only enter the current information about your bank account, bank location and beneficiary name according to the instructions (see here).

For verification, we require a copy of your national ID card.

Please scan or photograph your ID card and upload images of your documents.

A valid ID can be a driving licence, a government-issued photo ID or a passport.

Here are additional criteria for your ID card:

A copy must contain your full name, date of birth and expiry date. If any of this information is on the back of your ID card, you will need to upload a copy of the front and back of the document.

The information in the document must match the information provided when you set up your shop.

The image(s) must be clear, legible and unaltered.

If any of these criteria are not met, we may ask you to provide another copy of your ID card. This request will be emailed to the email address on file with your shop. You will also be asked in your shop manager.

To verify your residential address you can use documents confirming your address, such as a stamp on your ID card or a utility bill, telephone bill, rental agreement or similar with your name on it.

For the verification of your phone number we use the verification system via SMS.

For social media verification you need to follow the verification links.

How do I register as a business?

If you register as a company, we will need to verify your included business information in addition to your personal identity.

You will need to provide your personal details and financial information (listed in the section above) as well as your business details, which include:

Name of organisation (as shown on your official business endorsement document)
Registered address
Employee Identification Number (US only)
Business Identification Number
The jurisdiction in which the business is registered (Canada, Germany and the U.S. only)

The name of your business identification number may vary depending on your location. Although this list is not exhaustive, this number may be known by the following names:

Facility number or identifier
Business number or identifier
Department number or identifier
Company number
Registration number
Document number
Control number
Company number
Articles of incorporation number
Licence number
Registration number

If you need assistance in finding your company identification number, you can try to find your company registration information on the website of your local authority where you have registered, or seek further assistance directly from your local government office.

If you are in the USA, you may add up to 3 additional owners when registering as a company. Each owner must own at least 25% of the shares in the business.

What happens if my information is not accepted?

If we are unable to verify your company information, you will receive an email notification. As we cannot legally provide information on what specific information is not verifiable, you will need to re-enter your company information and confirm that it matches the documents issued by your public authority.

If we are still unable to verify your information, we may ask you to provide us with a copy of your official business records.

Once you have passed all the verification points in your shop, a verification mark will appear next to each point.

After 10 successful sales you will be awarded the status of a Trusted Seller and an additional mark of this status in your shop.

When does a seller lose Trusted Seller status?

If the trusted seller did not send the goods to the buyer on time, which caused the buyer to open a dispute and subsequently return the money, in this case the status of the Trusted seller is removed.

It is possible to re-obtain Trusted Seller status upon successful completion of 10 new orders.

Benefits of being a Trusted Seller

– Withdraw money for your orders once they have been shipped to the buyer
– Clearly mark your shop as a Verified and Trusted Seller
– Unlimited moderation of items
– Loyalty Program benefits