Puppenmuster, Tilda-Puppe

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Tutorial on sewing the body and clothes of the doll.

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Tutorial on sewing the body and clothes of the doll.
The tutorial doll is presented in a VIDEO format.
These are short videos – 2 to 9 minutes long.
I show in detail all the stages of creating a doll. The video has text in English. You can play your favorite music or movie and enjoy the creative process =)
Pattern (drawing) of body doll and clothes in the format PDF.
Height of 20 cm.
The girth of the doll’s head is 25-26 cm.

You will receive patterns of the body, clothes and shoes of the doll in PDF format. You will also receive links to video tutorials that you can watch online or download.

My video tutorials are very, very detailed and understandable. You don’t need to know English. In the video, I show each stage of creating a doll or clothing. You can watch examples of my video lessons on my YouTube Channel.

You will learn to:
1. Sew the doll’s body with a swivel head and bend arms;
2. Sew a tiered dress (not removable);
3. Sew a pants  (removable);
4. Sew a hat (removable);
5. Sew a scarf;
6. Make your hair;
7. Make eyes and blush for the doll;
8. Make shoes (removable).
The toy is not included in the sewing tutorial. I buy the toy separately. Clothes are not removed.

♥ What do you need:
1. Jersey elastic fabric;
2. Sintepon;
3. Wooden stick for doll’s body;
4. Hair;
5. Rhinestones for eyes or acrylic paints;
6. Pen or pencil, glue;
7. A long needle and a dense thread;
8. Scissors;
9. Cotton and jersey fabric for clothing;
10. Artificial leather and materials for shoes

Fühlen Sie sich frei, mir Fragen in der Nachricht zu stellen.

Welcome to my store https://dailydoll.shop/authors/ohmyfrizz

My YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuxs5Ntt3Vu-6JBHpwpT3Kw


By supporting me and my creativity, you are supporting a small business that is aims to create cute dolls and toys. I want to be a positive force for our peace so thank you for supporting and encouraging that!


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