TIGER CROCHET PATTERN, Amigurumi pdf tutorial

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CROCHET TIGER PATTERN in English, pdf (@Cozypuppet)

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The Tiger Cub crochet pattern will help you create a very cute and touching symbol of the future 2022 year, which will bring good luck, happiness and health to your home in the new year.

🧶 The toy is soft, frameless, legs on a thread mount.

🧶  It stands with support, sits independently.

🧶 In full height, the size of the toy is 40 cm, in a sitting position about 25 cm when working from the recommended yarn.

🧶 Stripes are made with alternating colors in a chaotic manner. You can place them on the body as you like. But in the pattern, color changing schemes are given for all pieces of the toy (including all four legs separately). If you are a beginner, then the stripes can be embroidered over ready-made pieces at your discretion.

🧶 The pattern itself is detailed, with a large number of step-by-step photos and a clear description of crocheting and decoration process.

🧶 The pattern does not contain crochet lessons.

The pattern in English.


Please note: this purchase is only for a digital crochet, not the finished toy you see on the photos!


If you have any questions, you can always contact me. I will do my best to help you.

Thank you for purchasing and happy crocheting!


❗ For residents of the EU, VAT is not included in the cost of the pattern!



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