Tiger crochet amigurumi, Tiger plush toy gift


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Tiger crochet amigurumi, Tiger cute 2022 symbol, Crochet tiger home decor, stuffed tiger toy art, gift for you

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This cute, fun crocheted tiger can be made into a magnet to decorate your fridge or table lamp. Or make it in the form of a brooch that will decorate your clothes. Or make it in the form of a Christmas toy and decorate the Christmas tree with it. Or just leave it as a small toy, which will be a great gift for your frands.

Write to me in what form you would like to buy this cute toy.

The tiger is crocheted. 

He is looking for a new home.

Height 6cm = 2,4″ (without tail).

The toy is tinted with artistic oil paints.

The toy is made of natural yarn. 

Collectible and decorative object.


Postcard “Thank you for your purchase” as a gift. Or with any of your inscriptions.


 It will be a great gift for your friends


▪ Grochet brooch tiger wich will attract attention


▪ It is the perfect accessory can be used for every day.



Additional Information: 

 Collectible toy is not intended for young children!

 You will get knitted toys from house where people don’t smoke. 

 The color of the toy may look slightly different than in the photo. This is due to the peculiarities of your monitor settings. 


Each of my toys, including this one, is made with love, attention to detail and image, I put a part of my heart into each toy.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Click the link to see my other toys: https://dailydoll.shop/authors/toysbygromsvet/


The dog is crocheted by the pattern: https://dailydoll.shop/shop/crochet-pattern-little-tiger-amigurumi-pdf-tiger/


Thanks for visiting my shop!

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