Shelf gnome 5.5 inch decorative doll. Cute doll for mood.


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Shelf gnome 5.5 inch ( 14 cm ), decorative doll with wire frame. The doll is created purposely in the sitting pose. bonny therapy

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This elf has no wings, but he knows how to grant wishes, this is his job. To do this, you need to love him and whisper your desires in his ear. But not all at once…

The Elf is created purposely in the sitting pose. He can sit without support. You can place him on the bookshelf, on the pile of books, steady stand, window sill and any surface.

His arms are moving freely; you can adjust them slightly in the elbow area (there is a wire inside).

You can slightly adjust the upper part of the legs’ position in the hips area. Be very careful when adjusting.

His sitting height is 5.7 inch (14.5cm), total height is 7,87 inch (20cm) without hat.

Made in a single copy without molds.

Keep from hits and moisture … and from too active children’s games.

…of course, have a nice days…

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