Set of clothes 13 for Meadow Dolls MOPPETS 15 inch Mae/Aya

42.00 ~ 45.61 $

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Set of clothes 13 “BIKE GIRL” for Meadow Dolls MOPPETS 15 inch  Mae / Aya (For Doll Size: 38 centimeters)


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Set of clothes 13 “BIKE GIRL” for Meadow Dolls MOPPETS 15 inch  Mae / Aya (For Doll Size: 38 centimeters)

It includes this:

The kit includes:

1. Dress;

2. Headdress – takes;

3. Socks – white jersey knee-highs.

    The dress made of high-quality cotton fabric with elements of a machine embroidery and an application from fabric. The dress has a lining from white fabric,is buttoned on plastic buttons on the leg on a back.

The doll and shoes are not for sale.

Please, just ask any questions.

 I sew these dresses with love, they hope will bring you joy. I ship within 2 days after payment of the goods. All carefully Packed. You will receive a tracking number to track parcels.

Photos may not show accurate colors because of differences in settings on different monitors.

The doll and footwear are not included in sale.

Danke für Ihren Besuch, kommen Sie wieder!

Set of clothes 14 for Meadow Dolls MOPPETS 15 inch Mae/Aya

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Gewicht 80 kg
Größe 353 × 25 × 6 cm


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Set of clothes 13 for Meadow Dolls MOPPETS 15 inch Mae/Aya

42.00 ~ 45.61 $

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