Rugby Tiger.TV show 80s. Muppets. Jim Henson plush tiger

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🐯Rugby Tiger – the star of TV show in 1986🐯

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Rugby Tiger is a Jim Henson plush tiger doll. He’s the star of the 1986 special “The Christmas Toy”, and the 1994 spin-off series “The Secret Life of Toys”. Rugby is one of the newest toys in the playroom. He is young, mischievous, adventurous and quite self-conceited. He was Jamie’s favorite Christmas toy in The Christmas Toy. In The Secret Life of Toys, Rugby takes great pride in being “plush”.

This toy was made as a remake for Tiger that we made upon wishes of one our friend from United States who’s child’s dream was to have this toy since he first saw this doll in 80s TV show. He was made out from a bit more darker fur than original one since we run out of lighter fur. The color of fur can be changed if you wish.

Rugby Tiger is approximately 40 cm (15,75″) without tail. And it’s wonderful!
It’s made of soft fur. The toy is completely soft. It’s suitable for hugging and playing!

Features of Rugby Tiger :
– Rugby Tiger is completely handmade to order. It can be customized as you want. Maybe you want eyes of a different color. Or you’d like to ask us to attach the tag with your name. Just let us know!
– Tiger’s eyes are with the naughty sly look
– It made from high quality Fur. Hugs with Rugby Tiger are so caressing and loving!
– Tiger is thoroughly made! It will take us about 2 weeks to make this toy.

Everything is safe and eco-friendly. This is a play-able soft toy (but not for babies).

💥NOTE! We can create item based on your personal design. You can send us your own Rugby Tiger interpretation drawing. In fact, we can make any toy based on your image or personal design! Send us an image of desired toy and we’ll make it keeping in mind all your wishes.

👍We guarantee you like the toy or money back. No question asked!



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480.00 ~ $519.63

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