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The realistic Caracal cub art doll has been custom made, repeat production time will be 7-10 days.
Made from high quality faux fur
Very flexible

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The Realistic Caracal cub art doll animal has been custom made, repeat production time will be 7-10 days.

This collectible toy features a stuffed cat design and a realistic caracal cub art doll appearance.
It has a poseable skeletal frame that allows for easy pose changes, with movable tail, paws, ears, and neck.
He will come to you with his beautiful pillow (the pillow will not be exactly like the one in the photo).

When purchasing, please check that your address is correct. And be sure to leave a phone number for the postal service.


Also, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.


The item will be carefully packaged and shipped with a tracking number.


Good mood and pleasant shopping!

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Versandfertig 2-3 Wochen von Russland



I only send my items by DHL Express, the courier picks up the parcel every Thursday. Important! Always make sure that your address is correct. Please do not forget to give me your phone number for DHL as I will not be able to process your parcel without it. All animals are carefully checked and packed securely when they go to their new home.



I do not accept returns. All purchases are final! Pay attention to it! All the toys created with great love, attention to every detail. I have a very critical attitude toward each of my toys, and with each new creation I'm trying to improve the end result. To all my customers I guarantee high quality and aesthetic pleasure from my work.



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