Realistisches Fennek-Fuchs-Stofftier. AUF BESTELLUNG!

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Fennec fox toy, 22cm ( 8,7 inch)

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The work is exposed as an example. You can order a toy like this. The manufacturing time must be discussed.  Just write me an email.

This fennec fox is sewn of soft artificial fur.

It can take any pose and will look great in any room of your house.

The fennec is weighted with glass granulates to make the toy more realistic, and it has a lockline  skeleton inside its body and legs, so the toy can change their positions and can be moved into various postures. Its paw pads  and nose are made of polymer clay.


Ready to ship


Details of toy:

• Combined technique:  sewing

• This toy measures approx 10,2 inch ( 26cm ) in sitting position ( back and head), body and head length without tail 8,7 ” (22 cm).

• Material:  faux fur, glass eyes,natural wool, Lockline skeleton, polymer clay.


The toy isn’t suitable for very small children, or ones who play rough!

Wash water is NOT recommended.



If you have some questions about this piece, details or something else, please feel free to contact me!

Versandfertig 1-2 Wochen von Russland



Finished work sent within 1-2 days. If the work is to order, then you need to take into account the production time.



The possibility of a refund is discussed individually

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Größe 22 × 26 cm



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