Rag doll pattern pdf black owl, halloween decor


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Rag doll black owl in the style of minimalism. A pattern for sewing PDF with a detailed description in English and photos.

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This Black Owl is simple in execution, but it looks very cool. This toy will be a wonderful gift for Halloween.


The finished size of the soft toy: height 198 mm., width 167 mm. The material for execution is black faux suede and white felt.


You will receive an album (22 pages) in PDF format with a detailed description, including photos illustrating each step, detailed instructions (in English) that you must print on letter paper (A4) by installing borderless printing. The soft doll template is presented in full size on an A4 sheet.


Instant file download! This is not a finished product, you will receive templates and manuals in PDF format for sewing soft toys from fabric. Please note that this item is non-refundable!


You may need a PDF reader such as Adobe to open the files.


All my toys and dolls are copyrighted and designed by me personally. You can sew these dolls for yourself or as a gift or sell them at a local fair.


However, you are not allowed to reproduce the template and instructions in part or in whole or in any other form for sale or distribution or for sale of finished products on Internet sites or in stores. Thank you for understanding and respecting my work.


Please note that I am not teaching you how to sew or knit, but simply showing and explaining how to perform a particular design of my product.


Thank you for your purchase, I am very glad that you liked my ideas.


Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or leave your feedback if you liked everything.


Have a nice day and success in everything

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