Personalised baby dino crochet dinosaur toy for baby


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Every child dreams of a plush toy that will become his friend and ally. With a plush dinosaur it will be fun and safe. You can play with him and go to visit, read books and bask under a warm blanket in bad weather. A crochet dino will be an ideal toy for a child, both a boy and a girl.


– premium plush yarn (100% Mikropolyester)
– safety eyes
– fiberfill
– handmade work


The primary color is the color of the dino (in the photos the dinosaur is violet color).
The secondary color is the color of the “socks” of the upper and lower paws, as well as spikes (in the photo it is orange color).
If you want to choose a different color, write to me about it.


Height of the finished toy – 9,8 inches (25 cm)


Hand wash in warm water with a weak soap solution.


Each toy is packed in a cardboard box with a «handmade» tag.
There is a small gift and a thank – you card inside the parcel for each buyer.
Each parcel has a track number.

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Delivery of goods is carried out by BelPost from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the workload of the company.
For my part, I guarantee the fastest possible production of the goods and their dispatch.
Each parcel is assigned a track number.
Every day I check the update of all parcels and inform customers about the changes.



I accept the return of the goods within 1-3 days if the goods were delivered in damaged packaging and this affected its quality, and also refund the cost of the goods if the delivery is delayed by more than 60 days.
And, of course, I am always ready to discuss any issues related to your orders.

Zusätzliche Information

Primary color

Violet, Green, Gray, White, Beige, Black, Pink, Blue, Light blue

Secondary color

Orange, Black, Milky, Gray, White, Light green, Pink, Blue, Rainbow, Light blue



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