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A 14 page pdf file is an instant download.

The pattern consists of 5 A4 sheets. Just print out the pattern and apply it to the fur. For the convenience of stitching, there is a duplicate of the pattern with highlighted one color parts to be sewn with each other.

There is also a list of materials.

There is also a little bonus: a sample of how to sew on the eyes.

Pay attention!!! The file contains only pattern! NO step by step instructions!!!

This pattern makes a faux fur cat. Two colors of fur are used. Dyeing with acrylic paints is minimal. The size from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail is 38 cm. If you put a plastic skeleton inside, the cat can take different poses (standing, sitting, lying down). The nose and paw pads must be molded from polymer clay. Reinforce the ears with wire.

I wish you a lot of fun 🌷

If you have any problems write me.



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