Knitted dress and hat for a Paola Reina doll. Outfit for 13 inch doll


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Good doll costume.


The set includes a dress and a hat.

Doll clothes for 13 inch dolls. 32 cm, suitable for Paola Reina, Antonio Juan, Corolla Le Cheri and other dolls of the same size.

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The dress and hat are crocheted. The yarn used is 100% mercerized cotton. The dress has a fluffy flared multi-layered skirt. dress color multicolor,

dress and hat are decorated with knitted flowers and beads. The clasp of the dress with small buttons is located at the back.This is a good gift for your daughter or granddaughter.

Excellent tolerance to repeated washings with shape and color retention.Please see all photos along with descriptions. If I need to clarify something, feel free to ask questions.

Dear buyer, you will receive exactly the same item as the photo.


Doll and shoes are not included!!! Outfit only!

Comes from a non-smoking home.

I will do my best to make you satisfied. I check each product for myself and sell only the highest quality items. In any case, if you are not satisfied with the product from the very beginning, please contact me.


Thanks and have a nice day.







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Knitted dress and hat for a Paola Reina doll. Outfit for 13 inch doll