OOAK BJD doll, Asa Pink Princess. 1/4 43 cm. Full set.


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OOAK BJD doll Asa 1/4, 43 cm (16 inches)
OOAK doll Asa is made on the basis of a replica Asa of Iplehouse. Outfit Pink Princess.

Articulated doll with makeup, wig, eyes, clothes and handmade shoes. Tan skin. Good mobility, can stand on its own, well stretched, without gluing.

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Redesigned by me with all love and skill.Handmade makeup with soft pastels and watercolor pencils, cured with UV protection (Mr. Super Clear UV). New living eyes and new eyelashes natural mink. I applied the tone to the body, arms and legs and painted on my nails. Asa has a chic black with pink stripes goat curl wig, non-woven, removable. The wig can be combed, curled, styled, different hairstyles can be done, hair styling products can be used. The wig can be removed and replaced.


The clothes are sewn by me according to my own sketches and patterns. Handmade, one of a kind. The Pink Princess outfit includes 10 items:

1-2. Corset and ankle boots made of genuine leather, decorated with lace.

3. Lace skirt.

4-5. The skirt and puffy sleeves are made of pink taffeta gathered into puffs and decorated with satin roses.

6-8. Stockings, jumpsuit and gloves in gray stretch lace.

9. Crinoline made of pink ribbons and lace on regelin rings

10. Necklace, earrings and bracelet made of natural mother-of-pearl with coral roses.

All things are compatible with each other, they can be worn both together and separately, creating different looks.

Please note this is an art doll, not a factory flawless work. Requires careful handling, do not drop, do not overheat, do not get wet. Not intended for active play of children.


Exchange and return are not accepted.

If you have questions about this product, please contact me.

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