Nude resin balljointed doll Lily. Author BJD doll


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23 cm tall resin balljointed doll

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A doll made of polyurethane of the new mold “Lily” with human ears. It has 18 points of articulation. Assembled on a 2 mm elastic band, the hinge receivers are glued with a hot-glue gun. Capable of taking many human poses. Acrylic 6 mm eyes . Height 23 cm . Marshmellow skintone.

The set includes a doll stretched on an elastic band, with a painted face, hands and legs, acrylic eyes, a replaceable pair of heel feet (suitable for some types of shoes for other dolls), a pair of simple shoesn, a wig (with white hair, brown, red or a short turquoise haircut, it is possible to make another wig), a box with a lodgement.

It is possible to order clothes of my or the customer design, or purchase available clothes, as well as order additional wigs or shoes, the price is negotiated.

There is no exchange or return of dolls of proper quality.

Free delivery.


Schifffahrt Kontinente: Europa, Nordamerika, Südamerika, Antarktika, Afrika, Asien, Ozeanien

Versandfertig 3-5 Arbeitstage von Russland



Ready‐made dolls will be shipped within 3-5 business days from the date of payment. All packages with dolls will be sent via DHL.
Small packages with tiny dolls/cats/outfits/accessorises will be shipped via post service



I don't accept refunds or exchanges, please purchase seriously.

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