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Monster High OOAK collectible art doll

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Monster high OOAK | Monster High Repaint doll | OOAK | Custom doll | Collectible Art doll


Ooak Monster High. Appearance removed. Exclusive collectible doll

Materials: natural goat hair, pastel, watercolor pencils, acrylic, glossy varnish Mr. super clear.

The eyes are covered with a glossy varnish. The original hair has been removed.

The doll is sold in a set as in the photo:

– Doll with the author’s makeup

– Clothes, shoes, doll accessories


You can make a stand for dolls from epoxy resin.

For international orders, the buyer assumes responsibility for any applicable import duties and foreign duties.

Dolls are found in a gift box. Sending the parcel within 1-3 business days.



This doll, like all similar repainting dolls, is not for active games!

Thank you for visiting my store, if you have any questions, email me. ^^

Versandfertig 3-5 Arbeitstage von Russland



The shipment is carried out by Russian Post. Within 3-5 working days.
At the moment I can't send parcels to Poland , AUSTRALIA, Finland, please be careful.



The goods will not be returned. Please be more attentive in choosing and be sure to contact me.



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