Mini doll – Cute fabric doll – Handmade cloth doll


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Stunning doll with red hair.. I want to hug her and smile all the time!))

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❤ Ecofriendly MATERIALs: high quality cotton, jersey and wool.

❤ I N C L U D E D: doll, handbag, cat, scarf.

❤ S I Z E : 20 centimeters.

❤ С L O T H E S: are sewn on.

❤ S H I P P I N G worldwide with the Regular Russian Post (delivery period is 10-30 days, tracking number).

❤ P A Y M E N T will be accepted through most major credit cards.

❤ If you have any further questions – please feel free to contact.

Shipping Continents: Nordamerika, Asien, Afrika, Ozeanien, Europa, Antarktika, Südamerika

Versandfertig 1-2 Wochen von Russland



The product you ordered will arrive in a box and a protective bag. In order to keep in good quality and you are satisfied with your purchase.



I accept returns.

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Gewicht 0.3 kg
Größe 25 × 10 × 8 cm
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