Middie Blythe ooak custom, tbl base, free fast DHL shipping


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Middie Blythe ooak with a neckjoint, jointed body, ears added

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  1. The following work has been done :
    – Face plate sand-matted
    – Lips, nose and philtrum carved.
    – 1 pairs new handmade eye chips
    – new makeup with tender freckles ,make up is made with Pan Pastel
    – the face has been sealed with multiple layers of protective MSC
    – new ears added
    -a neck joint 
    – tbl-base
    The doll will arrive as shown in photos (all clothes and shoes are handmade).

DHL fast shipping is included

Shipping Continents: Europa, Nordamerika, Südamerika

Shipping Countries: Belgien, Vereinigtes Königreich, Deutschland, Spanien, Italien, Frankreich, Kanada, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (USA)

Versandfertig 3-5 Arbeitstage von Russland



I send by DHL express , it is included in price of every doll in my shop



I don't accept refunds, but don't hesitate to write me in case of any questions and problems and we will find a fair desision

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Gewicht 300 kg
Größe 20 × 10 × 5 cm
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