Cute Fantasy Animal, Handmade Artist Teddy Bear

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Fantasy pet Frumi. Handmade & One of a kind.

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Cute little Frumi  <3

Full height ~ 35 cm

Sitting height ~ 28 cm

– Sewn with high quality faux fur. Every stitch made by hands.

– Made in Teddy technique. 5-way jointed ( head and paws are rotated ) 

– Nose, eyelids, claws and paw pads are made of polymer clay.

– Filled with fiberfill and glass granulate. 

– Glass eyes.

– Toned with artist paints.

Frumi can’t stand by himself, he likes to sit : )

I don’t take commissions and don’t create one creature twice, so Frumi is the only one in the whole world <3

Not suitable for little kids.

Dry cleaning.

Do not keep in a straight sunlight for a long period of time.



Free shipping.

– Please check out your shipping adress, it must written correct and full 🙂 I also need your phone number. It is very important! ^.^
– After receiving your payment, I need 2-3 days to ship your new friend to you 😉
– All packages are sent via Russian Post Service with tracking number.
– Shipping take about 20-30 days. But there may be shipping delays! I hope for your understanding <3

Unfortunately, I can’t send parcels to Australia and New Zealand, Poland and Finland :'(

Schifffahrt Kontinente: Afrika, Asien, Europa, Nordamerika, Südamerika

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Sorry, but I don’t accept returns and exhanges.


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