Crochet dark skin doll in dress unicorn ready to ship


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Crochet dark skin doll in dress unicorn

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Crochet dark skin doll.

Ethnic doll with dark skin.

This funny and positive crochet doll will become a favorite toy for the baby girl.

Doll can be a great present for your children, family, colleages or friends.

Style of the doll easily helps to use such dolls as home decoration and interior design.

Doll can be played with by children over 3 years old.


Beautiful, adorable Girl with a removable wardrobe (skit, pants, hat, cardigan and shoes).

Can move by arms and legs. Can sitting herself. The doll can change her hair style.

This is a finished handmade amigurumi crochet doll.

This doll is very nice and pretty.


SIZE of doll staying : 9 inch. (23 cm) approx.

In the creation of the doll used cotton yarn with the addition of acrylic eyes-beads, spout and mouth embroidered.

Сlothes can be removed.


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: dry clean only.


It’s handwork, therefore the product can differ from the previous a little.

Real colours may differ slightly depending on the settings of Your display and shooting lights.


PLEASE NOTE, that the manufacturers suggest not to leave children under 3 years old without supervision whilst playing with it.



♥ Toy for little girl (daughter, sister, granddaughter goddaughter and other);

♥ Gift for Birthday, Easter, Christmas and any other occasions;

♥ Kids photo prop;

♥ Stylishly home decor;

♥ Collecible art doll;

♥ Dolls collector gift.


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