Loseva doll outfit. Corset, skirt, shoes, accessories.

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Doll outfit . Vintage outfit for Loseva doll, new body and old body Zaya dolls and other sizes.

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Vintage boudoir set ANTOINETTE LUXURY collection. Six items.

• Silk-lined corset, grommets with decorative trim, which allows not to damage plastic dolls. Garters with chantilly lace and Swarovski decor. It is tied with a silk ribbon.

• Lace, layered skirt with a decor of flowers, leaves and Swarovski beads.

• Iridescent princess shoes with lace and Swarovski decor. The base of the shoes is native from the doll’s author. I made the decor.

• The panties are fastened with a Swarovski button, decorated with French lace and silk ribbons.

• Shining Swarovski beads with decor.

• Beautiful headband, embroidered with Swarovski and white flowers.

Perfect for dolls:

• Chimera 9.3

• Loseva’s new body – Marisol, Anna, Shana, Yoko, Helga. The old body of Zai, Yui.

• Gentle Creativity (Anna Dobryakova), dolls 2019-2020 year of release. Amy, Elena, Pearl, Jewel.

A gentle creature. Suitable for all dolls.

A corset and skirt, with garters, panties, Swarovski beads, a hat with a veil on the edge. Vintage jewelry and shoes, headband, decorated with French lace and Swarovski crystals.

Recommendations for strengthening: Hand wash only (rinsing at 30 °, without bleaching agents). Carefully.

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650.00 ~ 692.67 $