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I suggest you purchase my “Baby ferret” sewing tutorial!!!
Finished toy size 25 cm, height 17 cm⠀

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I suggest you purchase my “Baby ferret” sewing tutorial!!!
With the aid of these videos you’ll be able to make your own fluffy pet 🙂
Finished toy size 25 cm, height 17 cm⠀

The tutorial consists of 13 PDFs with descriptions of sewing processes and 25 videos with detailed lessons.

You can use the fur of any colour and length for your work judging by your own preferences.⠀
Besides, you can use your imagination when tinting the muzzle and painting the nose. ⠀
If you wish you can also make ears a bit smaller (in case of short pile fur and change their position. ⠀

You will have access to this tutorial forever. You can sell the toys you make with the help of this tutorial mentioning its author.

Please read carefully, after payment and sending files to you, money will not be returned.
After payment, I will contact you and send link to Google drive for reading and downloading to your email.

Copying and disseminating information to third parties is prohibited, I hope for your understanding.



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