Alpaca plush toy. Crochet llama doll. Stuffed animal plush.

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This is an alpaca plush toy. Crochet llama doll. Plush plush toys.

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Alpaca soft toy. Crochet llama doll. Plush plush toys.

This is an alpaca plush toy. Crochet llama doll. Plush plush toys. Made from 100% cotton yarn and filling.

llama plush animal (6 inches (19 cm) on display, -9.8 inches (25 cm) tall).

The plush llama is ideal for play, a great home decoration and a great gift for friends.

The toy is safe, all details are securely stitched for comfortable play of the baby. Sign for children from 3 years.

The entire product is completely handmade.

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Alpaca plush toy. Crochet llama doll. Stuffed animal plush.

44.00 ~ 46.76 $

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