Sasha Luneva wooden dolls
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Sasha Luneva wooden dolls

Terms And Conditions

All my dolls are made with love and are manufactured with due diligence. They are delicate and need to be handled with care. Do not place them near extreme temperatures, in direct sunlight and moist conditions. They are made totally by hand so they have little imperfections that add to their unique personality.

I hope you understand that the reason of refund should be adequate. If you have doubt before making order – please ask me to send you some more pictures or descriptions to decide.

• Are you waiting for the doll more than you expected?

Write to me and I’ll try to inquire about the delay at the local post office.


• Has the parcel been lost?

1) The doll is considered as lost if it doesn’t come within 2 month from posting date and tracking info approves that.

2) I will fill in the claim about the lost on my own.

3) While the claim is being proceeded, I would refund the full amount of order.